The works of the second edition of FIPROD are open to:

• National, regional and international investment promotion structures,

• National, sub-regional and international financial institutions,
• Organizations for legal and economic integration,
• Technical and financial partners,
• Banks, financial institutions of a banking nature and microfinance institutions,
• Professional orders and associations of professional orders,
• Executives and collaborators of the administrations in charge of the promotion of investments,
• Executives and collaborators of administrative and financial departments/departments,
• Managers and employees of approved management centers,
• Executives and collaborators of chambers of commerce and industry,
• Managers and employees of insurance companies,
• Executives and agents of the public and private sectors,
• Investors, economic operators, business leaders and managers. 

• Lawyers,
• Notaries,
• Magistrates,
• County court bailiff,
• Chartered accountants and chartered accountants,
• Business and corporate lawyers,
• Managers and employees of departments/departments
• Contract managers,
• Banking and insurance lawyers,
• Tax specialists,
• Economists,
• Auditors,
• Mediators,
• Referees,
• Academics.

FIPROD is a professional event characterized by its diversity and openness. It is the place of meeting and exchange that brings together all legal professionals, all professions combined. 


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