Main objective

The second edition of FIPROD, scheduled for November 2022 in Kigali, aims to bring together legal and figure professionals, as well as economic operators, business leaders and politicians to assess the business financing system in Africa. in order to propose solutions capable of constituting real contributions to legal certainty and to the economic development of the African continent.

Specific objectives

Specifically, this edition aims to:
• Identify the challenges of business financing with regard to the objective of economic development of African countries;
• Draw up an inventory of business financing in Africa;
• Identify the actors of business financing, their roles and responsibilities;
• Analyze and evaluate the business financing system in force in African countries;
• Identify and classify the financing difficulties encountered by African companies, as well as their causes;
• Assess the security of business financing in Africa and propose practical solutions for securing credit;
• Identify appropriate techniques and means of business financing taking into account the specific context of the African continent and international competition;
• Assess the regulatory system of African corporate finance markets;
• Appreciate professional practices in corporate finance in Africa;
• Sharing professional experiences and building the capacity of professionals in business financing;
• Promote collaboration between professionals with a view to successfully achieving business financing;
• Stimulate African States in their policies to improve the business climate and business financing;
• Ensure the legal and judicial security of companies, as well as their consequent financing.


At the end of this second edition of FIPROD, the following results are expected:
1. An inventory of the financing of African businesses will be drawn up by specifying the difficulties and identifying their causes;
2. The financiers of African companies will be identified and classified so as to understand their particularities and the scope of their interventions;
3. The security of financing for African companies is assessed and practical solutions proposed in order to strengthen the reliability of companies to be financed and to reduce the reluctance that prevails in the business financing market;
4. The most suitable financing techniques and means for African businesses are identified and assessed;
5. The regulation of the business financing market is evaluated and proposals are made with a view to improving it and adapting it to African markets;
6. Business financing actors are identified and brought into close contact in order to achieve better support for African businesses.
7. The acts of the second edition of FIPROD are drawn up and published by Éditions de l'ERSUMA.

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